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LeHealth Dental Clinic Management System

“A fully Integrated Web-based Application for
managing all types of Medical Clinics and Medical Centers
in UAE & GCC Countries”.

LeHealth Dental Provides a complete operations management solution for small, medium and large level Dental Clinics. The Centralized architecture of the software allows dental care enterprises to handle single or multichain facilities easy and effective.

LeHealth Dental is a fully integrated, advanced web-based healthcare information system (EMR System), specifically designed to manage the complete operations of Dental clinics. LeHealth offers an unmatched flexibility to choose and customize the operational requirements of the dental healthcare facilities based on the current and future requirements. Latest and advanced user interface of the system offers best experience and support to the users to manage their day-to-day operations easy and effective, hence assuring the best patient experience and satisfaction. LeHealth Dental solution offers best in class centralized clinic management system for small, medium and large level single or multichain dental clinics.

About “LeHealth Dental”

LeHealth Dental offers an advanced complete operations management system for single or multichain dental clinics or dental centers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, UAE and other GCC countries. The web-based application offers flexible option to choose the deployment method of the system asper customer choice of interest (On-premise server or cloud serve deployment). The Modular structure of the system allows the facilities to select the features and functionalities based on their specialties and requirements. Latest Technology and Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the system offers greater experience to the end users to learn it quick and use it with ease, faster & quality. LeHealth, holds the pride of one of the long serving and best preferred HIS software solution in providing specialty based dedicated software solutions for clinics and medical centers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah, UAE and other GCC countries.

“Amstor LeHealth” enables Poly Clinics/Medical Centers to manage complex processes, ensure regulatory compliance and offering to achieve a paperless work environment. Amstor LeHealth system meets with current guidelines of Ministry of Health (MOH), Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and specific requirements of all major insurance companies.

Advanced Dental Chart

LeHealth Dental offers an elegant, dynamic, 5-dimension tooth chart with standard and FDI number facilities. It facilitates the dentist to manage the complete diagnosis, treatment estimate and treatment plan easy and effective.

LeHealth Clinic Management Solution with 20+ years of proven record, our expertise in the healthcare industry and experienced pool of technical experts, delivers to healthcare facilities to achieve the industry benchmarked work flows to streamline their operations and always enables the management to experience complete control and visibility of the business. Our main offerings address all the operational requirements of dental Clinics and dental Centers. All our offerings (modules) are fully integrated with each other and serve as a standalone solution. Also, we carries immense competence in product customization and integration with 3rd party applications/web portals/PACS system Integration for image integration with doctors desk.

LeHealth Benefits & Features

  • Offers easy and faster patient management.
  • Structured and Rule based Patient journey
  • Central system architecture to manage multiple branches.
  • Centralised Appointment management System
  • Facilitate to Integrate with 3rd party accounting applications.
  • Compliant with HL7 Standards, ICD Coding, CPT codes..etc
  • Supports to integrate with PACS systems and Lab Machine.
  • Flexible Deployment Methods (On-premise Server or Cloud Server).
  • Scalable to meet Customer Needs.
  • Offers Digital Consent forms and Claim Forms
  • Supports to Integrate with NABIDH, Malaffi and Riayati portals.
  • Flexible Doctor Work desk for managing multi-specialty.
  • SMS and Email integration for appointment notification and Lab report
  • Fits With Any Web Enabled Devices

LeHealth Modules

Appointment Scheduling
  • Centralized Appointment Booking
  • Advanced Slot Booking Calendar
  • Easy and faster Patient Search
  • Comprehensive Dashboard
  • SMS/Email Notification
Patient Registration
  • Central Patient Records
  • EID card Reader Integration for Data Auto Fetching
  • Unlimited Document Attachments
  • Patient Insurance Tracking
  • Patient Arrival Notification to Doctors
Nurses Work Desk
  • Advanced Patient Dashboard
  • Patient Vitals Collection
  • List of service/Procedure order from Doctors
  • Service/Procedure status Entry
  • Item Consumption Tracking
Doctor's Work Desk
  • Specialty Based Configurable Work bench
  • Digital Consent Forms & Insurance Claim Forms
  • Flexible Case sheet layout
  • Auto ERX Generation
  • Schedule Tracking – Daily, Weekly & Monthly
  • Comprehensive case sheet with advanced forms
  • Charts and sketches
Dental Chart
  • Advanced Dental Chart
  • Standard or FDI Number option
  • 5 Dimensions chart for each tooth
  • Easy Marking for Diagnosis
  • Comprehensive Treatment Plan
  • Detailed Estimation
  • Treatment execution tracker
  • Detailed Treatment History with diagnosis marking
Radiology Management
  • Integrated Radiology Management
  • Radiology Order
  • Radiology Result Entry
  • PACS integration
  • Image attachment
  • Radiology Test Result Publishing
  • Flexible Result Templates
  • Order Status Tracking
Medical Records Department
  • Maintain Digital Records of Patient Diagnosis, Treatment, Services and Medication
  • Easy Retrieval/Access to the medical records
  • Provides Accurate and Comprehensive Medical Information
  • Allow to track patient full medical history and reports
Insurance Management
  • Insurance Plan Management
  • Online Pre-approval
  • Co-payment management
  • Insurance Coverage indication with colour coding based on the packages
  • Online Claim Submission & Re-submission
  • Claim Reconciliation
  • Claim Submission status tracker
Billing Management
  • Advanced Dashboard for Cashier
  • VAT Compliant
  • Patient Billing – Cash/Card/Cheque/Company account and Patient account
  • Patient Insurance Billing
  • Advanced Discount management
  • Advance and Refund Management
  • Package utilization-based billing
  • Daily collection Tracking
Inventory Management
  • Comprehensive Inventory management for Tracking Item stock and daily consumption
  • Central and Sub-store management
  • Weighted Average / Batch Costing
  • Item Expiry and Batch Tracking
  • Auto or Manual Item consumption
  • Daily Item Consumption – Patient wise, Doctor wise, department wise
  • Stock Monitoring
MIS Reports
  • Appointment Analysis – Status Wise (Confirm/Cancel/Arrived..etc)
  • Patient Statistics Reports
  • Revenue Analysis – Doctor wise, Department wise and Treatment wise
  • Revenue Analysis – Clinic Wise
  • Commission Report
  • Patient Analysis – Doctor wise
  • Revenue Analysis – Package wise
  • Lab Test Analysis – Test wise & Revenue wise
  • Radiology Order Analysis
  • Stock Analysis

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